Thank you for your interest in Mesquite Christian Academy (MCA).  This is a time of excitement and joy here at MCS, and we want it to be a successful year for your child.  Our goal is to give your student an opportunity to be involved in an academic experience that focuses on a Bible-centered education that enhances Christian morals and ethics.  At MCA we focus on the student as a whole; mind, body, and spirit. We expect high standards in our students and staff.  We understand scope and sequence of learning and pair these standards to go beyond the average standards.  We are confident that your student and our enthusiasm will result in exceptional excellence.

On behalf of our staff and faculty, we pledge to do our very best to provide a stimulating, challenging experience.


Glorify God in Everything

Through Education

We will ask for your support, suggestions, ideas as well as your time.  The teachers and staff will build and maintain open lines of communication.  It’s important for the school and families to work together to build strong foundations to ensure successful academic and spiritual growth for your child.  We invite you to give your child the opportunity to grow biblically and academically.

Once admission forms and registration fees are received, MCA will provide you an appointment to review our records, policies, and interview with the parent/guardian and student.  The Admissions Committee (staff) will review your application.  You will receive a confirmation of your child’s admission status within 24 hours.  We look forward to working together as a team to build excellence in education.