Our Mission


Educational Philosophy


Mesquite Christian Academy endeavors to further God’s Kingdom by providing an exceptional college-preparatory education from a biblical perspective in partnership with families and churches, so that students are spiritually, academically, socially, and physically equipped for servant leadership to the glory of God.


1. God is the source of all truth and the Bible is given by Him as our supreme and final authority.

2. Students are created in the image of God with unique physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual gifts, and therefore are valued individuals within the community whose primary purpose is to glorify God.

3. Students will model what they see; therefore, by God’s grace, all faculty and staff should strive to be Christian role models.

4. All aspects of our educational program will be taught from a Biblical perspective.

5. Students will be challenged through a variety of appropriate instructional strategies and learning activities.

6. Students are personally responsible and accountable for their behavior and personal integrity.

7. Students learn most effectively in a safe, structured, healthy environment.

8. Mesquite Christian Academy works in partnership with parents/guardians in education, yet the final responsibility for children’s academic and spiritual development is at home.

9. Commitment to continuous school improvement is essential for students to become confident, self-directed, life-long learners.

10. Mesquite Christian Academy emphasizes spiritual development, academic excellence, and extracurricular activities to glorify God.



Headmaster Jessica Michael

Headmaster Jessica Michael

Teacher Ron Bird

Teacher Ron Bird

Teacher Amanda Janson

Teacher Amanda Janson

Jessica Michael - Headmaster/Teacher

Jessica Michael spent 15 years in Arizona where she proceeded to earn a Master of Arts in Education as well as a BS in Special Education.  She then began her teaching career in Arizona.  She co-founded a charter school in Ft. Mohave, AZ.  Jessica has been teaching for 15 years.  She and her two children moved to Utah where she has been involved with Christian ministry and grant writing.  After her children graduated and left for the military and college, she continued her teaching in Colorado and New Mexico.

Ms. Michael loves teaching.  She realizes public schools are limited and believes that helping children develop their character and personal relationship with the Lord is one of the most important occupations.  Ms. Michael knows that it’s important for children to be in an environment that nurtures their morals, values, and beliefs.  Since learning is a lifelong journey, it should be an excellent, rewarding, pleasant and fulfilling experience.


Ron Bird - Teacher

Ronald Bird graduated from Virgin Valley High School with Honors in 2002. While serving in the United States Marine Corps from 2002-2006, Ron attended American Intercontinental University and received his Associates Degree in Business Administration in 2006. Ron also studied Media Arts & Animation for three years at the Art Institute of Las Vegas.

Ron has over twelve years of experience in being self-employed in the insurance industry as well as starting his own photography business. Ron has taught in an unofficial capacity in many different areas. His first job as a teenager was tutoring young kids during the summer in Lake Havasu City. Ron also taught many periods of instruction during his time in the Marine Corps. In addition, Ron has taught numerous Sunday School lessons and even an art class at his local church.

Ron has two daughters that he has helped throughout their education in public school and Ron is looking forward to working with them and the other students of Mesquite Christian Academy.


Amanda Janson - Teacher

Amanda Janson was born and grew up in a small town in Southern Utah to a loving Christian family. She has one older brother. She grew up playing and loving the outdoors and fishing with her brother and grandfather. At the age of 9 her dad was led by the Lord to become a pastor, so she moved to LaGrange Wyoming while her dad attended Frontier School of the Bible. Three years later her and her family moved to Mesquite, Nevada, where she learned during the summertime about the true meaning of the word 'inferno.'

During this time, Amanda got the opportunity to counsel both Jr. and Middle school students for 4 years at a summer Christian Bible Camp. This time at camp was a stretching experience, but she came out of it with a love for kids and a stronger relationship with God.

Then at the age of 20, she followed in the path of her dad and older brother and attended Frontier School of the Bible. Here she had many opportunity's to get out of her comfort zone and grow. Joining the drama team and going on a short term mission’s trip to Trinidad helped Amanda become less quiet and shy while learning to do things she never thought she would do.

She graduated from Frontier with an Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies and gleefully satisfied her competitiveness by beating both her dad and brothers' GPA. Amanda hopes to become a loving and kind influence on her students, nurturing in them a love and a desire to learn and seek truth while teaching at Mesquite Christian Academy.